1. Navigating Technical Debt

    We don't spend enough time doing maintenance! We have too much legacy code! We only build new features and never cleanup the old things we made! We have too much technical debt! Sound familiar? If you have been involved in any meaningful software development project – especially one that is large – you will have heard complaints like this. It's a topic that many software developers (including yours truly) are passionate about.

  2. Integration Testing Browser Extensions with Jest

    Previously I wrote about how I became the maintainer of Saka, an open source browser extension that allows users to search through and load open tabs, browsing history and bookmarks. I talked about how I came up with a solution for unit testing the extension to give me confidence with code changes. I also mentioned that there were issues with integration testing that I ran into which made it difficult to test components that relied on browser...

  3. Unit Testing Browser Extensions

    In April I became the maintainer of Saka, a browser extension that allows users to search through their tabs, bookmarks and history. The original goal of Saka was to provide an elegant tab search but this soon evolved to include recently closed tabs, bookmarks and history when the original maintainer eejdoowad recognized that users search for tabs the same way they search bookmarks and history. This was an important insight and it has helped ...

  4. Test Driven Development In JavaFX With TestFX

    A dive into how to test JavaFX applications using TestFX. If you just want to read about how to use TestFX skip to the "Setting Up Our Application" section.

  5. What Is PAM?

    The last post I did was the start of the Comprehensive Guide To AppArmor which took a look at the basics an administrator or developer needs to know to start creating and deploying AppArmor profiles for a program. In the post I also left a question for the reader regarding AppArmor being used to replace the traditional DAC permissions (but never should!) and how you could use it to remove access to a file from a specific user (rather than a ...

  6. The Comprehensive Guide To AppArmor: Part 1

    I wanted to do this post on the basics of AppArmor and how to get started with using it on your system. This post started as a very small guide on AppArmor but as I wrote it I felt more and more convinced it needed details to explain various features and issues. As such it has now ended up as a comprehensive guide on how to start using and understanding the AppArmor tools.