I am a hardworking individual capable of working independently and with teams. I love working with people who like to take creative approaches and iterate on ideas. Knowledge sharing is also important to me and I make sure to present about topics I find interesting at our internal developer conferences! I also have a blog at: https://pureooze.com/blog/


Web Development

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • WebComponents
  • LitElement


  • Blazor
  • Razor
  • Rx.NET
  • MAUI
  • ASP.NET Core
  • .NET Framework


  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • open-wc
  • NUnit
  • Moq

Work Experience (3)

Jun 2021 - Current
Senior Software Developer
  • Created new user experiences using MSSQL, C#, Javascript

  • Created a code search tool with OmniSharp for visualizations of usages of functions in C# code as trees

  • Used native HTML5 apis and LitElement WebComponents to deliver accessible user experiences in Brightspace

  • Developed new eventing system to improve scalability of existing MSSQL Servers

  • Wrote Git and Roslyn utilities to find potential technical debt in a codebase to make it easier to prioritize work

  • Delivered yearly presentations at internal developer conference (I love knowledge sharing and presenting all the cool things we work on!)

Aug 2019 - Jun 2021
Software Developer
  • Wrote code for filesystem layer to use AWS S3 in C# and .NET Framework

  • Writing a testing tool to perform large amounts of operations on the new filesystem and compare to the legacy file system to verify correctness

  • Helped create, modify and improve Polymer and LitElement web components

  • Worked on APIs built using C# and backed with MSSQL

  • Helped create a language management system for admins to customize language terms

May 2017 - Aug 2018
Software Developer Intern (16 months)
Ontario Teachers Pension Plan
  • Developed React application and tested with Jest, Enzyme, Cypress, and React Storybook

  • Developed website with AngularJS, Karma, Protractor/Selenium, Jasmine, Java, and NodeJS

  • Created RESTful Java 8 services and APIs using Spring with a tiered architecture (web service, service and domain layers)

  • Used Dynatrace to troubleshoot performance issues in web applications

Projects (5)

Jan 2024 - Current
  • .NET
  • Rx.NET
  • Modern .NET
  • Blazor
  • MAUI
  • Razor
  • SimpleTwitch is a modern .NET desktop UI that focuses on providing simple user experiences

  • SimpleTwitch uses Rx.NET to provide a reactive experience

Sep 2023 - Current
  • .NET
  • Rx.NET
  • Modern .NET
  • Twitch IRC API
  • Twitch Helix REST API
  • Created a Modern .NET library that provides a fast and easy API for connecting to Twitch

  • TwitchEverywhere.Irc uses Rx.NET to provide a reactive API for handling messages from Twitch

Apr 2024 - Current
  • Blog
  • Development
  • Discussing topics in software development that I find interesting.

Medium Blog
Jan 2015 - Oct 2018
  • Blog
  • Medium
  • Development
  • Discuss topics like software development and testing

  • Document how to use libraries/programs I find interesting (eg. dom-testing-library)

Mar 2018 - Mar 2020
  • Saka
  • Chrome Extension
  • Javascript
  • Preact
  • Maintainer of Saka, a chrome extension for improving the browsing experience

  • Written using Preact, tested with Jest and the dom-testing-library

  • Collaborate with contributors and users to fix bugs and add features

Education (1)

2016 - 2019
Software Eng. Tech.
McMaster University
  • In a team of 3, built a podcast feed in Qt that could fetch and play episodes from a podcast on iTunes
  • Wrote a program in Qt that uses stenography to embed messages inside of images
  • Applied software design patterns to code and analyzed design patterns in a project (JHotDraw)



Native speaker